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How is your store performing? Where are your most profitable visitors coming from? These are important questions that we'll answer every single week so you can stay on top of sales.
Understand which sales channels are driving visitors and sales. Identify the value in all of your traffic and see learn about changes as they happen.
Are you tracking custom segments in Google Analytics? Get a granular view at specific types of traffic with ease.
Get a pulse for how visitors are engaging with your website. You've invested significant time and money in creating content, find out how it is resonating with them. Learn what works and what doesn't so you can focus your efforts where they will be the most effective.
custom google analytics reports

Do more with your web data

  • We explain your Google Analytics data in plain English so you can spend less time researching and more time growing your business.
  • Uncover the hidden value of your website visitor data.
  • See at a glance how your website is doing.
  • Improve Engagement by understanding what content is most popular

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