Shopify Launch Guide

Using the Launch Guide Checklist

Launching your own Shopify store is an exciting and daunting opportunity. This checklist is designed to be interactive – simply click on the items you’ve already accomplished, bookmark this page and come back as you complete tasks and check them off the list. Your previous work will be saved.

What you need to get started

You will need to following information to launch your store and start accepting credit cards. Please note – none of the links are affiliate links, they are recommendations based on tools I have personally used and believe will benefit your store.


You can launch your store using Shopify’s default URL but for SEO and branding purposes I recommend using your own domain instead of yourstore.myshopify.com

General Settings


You only need to add a prefix or suffix to your order format if you currently use one or will need to use for for your order management system or some other business process. Otherwise you can stick with the default numbering system.

Payment Settings


If orders are fulfilled quickly you can select automatic authorization. If orders take a while, you may want to manually review payments.

Checkout Settings
Sales Channels Settings
Product Setup For Each Product
Setup Inventory Options
Setup Shipping Options
Review Product SEO Information


Always create unique product descriptions for each and every one of your products. Especially if you are selling something that is available anywhere else online. Search engines dislike duplicate content. If possible add the main product keyword in the title and URL.

Shipping Settings
Review Shipping Zones and Rates
Tax Settings

I highly recommend speaking with a tax professional before making these decisions to understand the impact it will have on your business

Online Store Preferences
Online Store Pages
Online Store Navigation
Notifications Settings
Gift Card Settings
Account Settings


Setup 301 redirects for all URL’s that existed on the original website. Recommended Tool – Easy Redirects

Onsite Seo Checklist

Your sitemap is automatically generated at www.yourstore.com/sitemap.xml

Use 301 redirects if rewriting URL’s for existing products and pages


Use a tool like Grammarly to check spelling and grammar on your site. This will ensure your keywords are correct and will improve your overall customer experience…which will help your SEO. Grammarly has a free chrome extension and a premium option.

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